From Our Kitchen to Yours!

Inspired by our Latina female friends, who like us are both sweet and spicy, we created a line of delicious distinctive tasting 100% all natural salsas and hot pepper sauces so that you too can enjoy the zest of life – one bite at a time!

Each of our original regional recipes gives you what we call a ChaChaCha taste experience that will transport you from your day’s activities to your own las vacaciones!

Our family kitchen is the true warm heart of our home where our family bonds are fueled with flavorful meals and happy conversations.

So, from our kitchen of hacienda Vizcaya to yours... Sabor de la Cocina Latina!

-- Muchas Gracias, Natalie y Carlotta


Natalie on the left (orange shirt) Carlotta on the right (blue shirt)

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